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We are committed to measure all your residential and commercial needs before constructing the best of you!
SD Development provides real estate investment and development services in Lebanon. It is dedicated to the creation of quality housing and it will continue to acquire and develop quality properties based on realistic value investments, always aiming to provide residents with exemplary service. 

 SD Development works on creating distinguished designs and efficient floor plans in order to maintain trust and credibility. 

 SD Development success is inspired by its clear vision, values and its management team which is guiding construction projects to successfully meet quality, time and budget objectives. 

 It is currently managing several projects under construction, and is aiming to achieve bigger success within the next few years based on innovation and customer satisfaction.


Design Process

  1. Funding Brainstorm with other funder/executors
  2. Brainstorm with other funder/executors
  3. Talk to City Planner Rough sketch some ideas with executors/friends
  4. Talk to neighbors
  5. Integrated Design Process
  6. Interview architects (test them with some small space design questions: eg. What are a couple things that you would do to make a small space feel and act bigger? tall ceilings, join living/dining room, high windows, coupling functionality
  7. Find builders and subs (ideally, you want to have identified a builder, plumber, mechanical, electrical subcontractor)
  8. Architect draws up schematics for consideration Have meeting- talk through design goals
  9. Schematic refinement 3D model (use SketchUp)
  10. Develop drawings for City
    1. Permit process- In Portland, processing takes 10 days for new construction, then another 10 days for corrections Permits.
  11. Permits
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Construction Process

  1. Break Ground
  2. Excavation
  3. Foundation
    1. Concrete Forms
    2. Pour Foundation Wall
    3. Concrete Slab Pour
      1. Gravel
      2. Water Barrier
      3. Rigid Foam
      4. Rebar (and PEX tubing for radiant floor heating)
      5. Pour Concrete for Slab
  4. Utilities
    1. Sewer, Electrical, Water, Gas
  5. Framing
    1. Balloon Framing
    2. Sheathing
    3. Roof
    4. Stairs
    5. Windows
  6. Roofing
  7. Weather Resistant Barrier
    1. Rain Screen
  8. Rough Plumbing
  9. Mechanical Sytems
    1. HVAC
  10. Lighting and Electrical
    1. Ambient
    2. Task
    3. Accent
    4. Perimeter
  11. Air Sealing
  12. Insulation
    1. Spray Foam, Blown-in Insulation, or Batt Insulation
  13. Drywall
    1. Sheetrock, Mudding, Sanding, Primer
  14. Siding
  15. Flooring
  16. Tiling
  17. Painting
  18. Cabinets, Shelving
  19. Finish Plumbing
  20. Finish Electrical and Lighting
  21. Certificate of Occupancy
  22. Modifications
  23. Moving In
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