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What about the agreement description?
The sale agreement is a written contract between the company and the client. It describes in details the business procedure, the terms under which the business is accepted, the rights and liabilities of the parties and other relevant matters.
What about the price method?
Regarding the variation of the prices in this domain, SD Development tries to keep its pricing strategy the most suitable, taking into consideration the economic situation and several other variables like the location of the project, the size of the apartment and the floor; not forgetting its goal to keep its customers satisfied with a superlative value.
Check our pricing and availability on the projects web page.
What about the payment method?
SD Development standard payment terms are the following:

 - 25 % Down Payment upon signing the sale agreement
- Installments: monthly or quarterly payments paid over the project period
- 5% upon delivery
- 5% upon registration
What are the required documents?
For the Lebanese residents 

 - Copy of ID or passport 
- Proof of residence 
- Local address and phone number 


Majestic Center, 3rd Flr
Hamra - Beirut - Lebanon

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